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We help companies to compete through the practical application of innovation, design, fundraising and project management. 


Our people and associates possess a wealth of skills and experience in;

  • Systems Analysis & Research - understanding your customers, their views of your services and the environment in which you operate;

  • Fundraising - securing funding to establish new products and services, whether writing grant applications, developing business cases/plans; and/or tenders;

  • Innovation and Design - developing new products and services which plug clear market gaps and/or transform services to better meet customer needs;  

  • Lean Service Start-up - developing new service start-ups in Agile environments; and

  • Project Delivery - establishing new projects and services from set-up through to 'business as usual' delivery; 

In certain situations, we might be able to help you to identify the funding you need to develop the service and stay at your side to successfully take it to market. In delivering these services, we utilise tried and tested tools and techniques that we can adapt to suit your particular needs to deliver tangible results and bottom line benefits. 

The Service Design Company

In today's fast moving, competitive environment, it's vital that the services you provide stand out from the crowd, deliver exceptional value for money and generate a community of raving advocates. 

Our creative approach to innovation, design and project development - combined with a practical approach to fundraising and project delivery - can help you to develop services that differentiate you from your competitors and provide you with a powerful source of competitive advantage.

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