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Project Support

We can support you throughout the life-cycle of a project, to ensure it delivers on target, on time and on budget.

Developing, delivering and monitoring truly effective projects and programmes requires a mix of skills and expertise.  

A detailed understanding of customer and stakeholder needs; the prevailing environment in which it will be delivered; different business and financial models; possible risks; potential partners and skills, to name just a few.

Practical Service Design

In addition, the particular balance of skills you need at different stages of the project life-cycle can vary considerably.  For example, creativity and critical analysis are particularly important during the conception of a project, whilst planning develops increasing importance during the later stages of the start-up phase of a project. Resource management comes into its own during launch and the importance of managing project performance and control increases during the delivery phase. Effective evaluation and mainstreaming are vital during project closure. 

At the Service Design Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine all these skills to develop and deliver projects, services and programmes which will help you compete more effectively and deliver bottom line benefits.  We possess particular experience of designing and delivering projects in highly complex, multi-stakeholder environments and delivering projects in controlled environments, utilizing tried and trusted project management tools (like PRINCE2/MSP, for example)


However, we're not one of those project management firms that thinks just because we are using all the right tools, we are delivering success. Far from it. We pride ourselves on making sure we create a strong output, milestone and budget culture in all the projects we deliver, thereby maximising our chances of staying true to our stated aim of delivering on target, on time and on budget.

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