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Design & Innovation

Design and innovation can help you develop new products and services, improve the customer experience and provide you with a source of competitive advantage.

Over the last decade, many business markets have become much more competitive and product life-cycles increasingly shorter. 

Design and Innovation is a multi-disciplinary field that utilises a range of proven tools, techniques, models and frameworks to create new products and services or improve existing ones to make them more useful, usable, desirable and efficient/effective to deliver.

Practical Service Design

At The Service Design Company, we utilise these tools and techniques to help companies develop new products services, improve existing ones, help organisations reduce their cost of servicing customers and improve customer satisfaction.  

In many cases, we use these tools in workshop situations to bring teams, customers, stakeholders and investors together to co-create solutions which can distinguish your service propositions from your customers, provide you with a source of competitive advantage and deliver bottom line benefits. 

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