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Towards a Service Design Toolbox

Service Design an emerging multi-disciplinary practice, which seeks to improve existing or create new services to make them more useful and use-able for customers and more efficient/effective for organisations to deliver. 

As a discipline, Service Design is the application of established design processes, skills and tools applied to the the development of services. Service Design is a holistic discipline which tries to see services through the eyes of customers; involves a range of stakeholders in the service design process; and utilises a methodological process to deliver tangible outcomes.

In this section of our website, you'll find a range of tools we use to help manage the Service Design process. They are organised around the 5 stage model of the Service Design process, as set out in the diagram below.    

They are by no means all of the tools that are available to help a service designer deliver competitive advantage through service differentiation.


In addition, because Service Design is a creative, facilitated co-creation process, many of these tools only come alive in the hands of an experienced facilitator.  However, they are included here to explain a little more about the process and how these tools can add value to your business. 

To explore what tools are available, just click on the relevant page on the drop down menu on the menu bar. 

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